Smartphone sales up 19% in first quarter of 2015 thanks to emerging markets


Smartphone sales saw a sizable growth during the first quarter of 2015, which Gartner says is due to an increase of smartphone sales in emerging markets. This makes sense, since smartphone sales have somewhat slowed down in the bigger markets, so many companies are attacking the smaller areas where not everyone has a smartphone already.

Emerging markets saw a roughly 40% increase during Q1, helping smartphones reach sales of 336 million units. Key regions included Eastern Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and the Asian/Pacific market.

China also played a pivotal role in how market share was distributed, with Apple claiming the top spot as a phone vendor in the country. This helped Apple gain some market share and close the lead that Samsung has, and has made China their #1 market in terms of volume beating out North America.

Samsung’s market share continues to dwindle, thanks to Apple hitting its stride in the bigger countries like China and the smaller OEMs continuing to eat up market share at the bottom end. That’s something Samsung has struggled to compete with for a while now, and they’ve yet to really figure out how to beat.

Samsung still ended the quarter with roughly 24% market share, which beat out any other individual manufacturer. That number has dipped from 30% last year, though, so it’s clear that Samsung is losing ground fairly quickly. Apple’s market share grew 2%, and most other manufacturers saw an increase at Samsung’s expense.

Android is still faring exceptionally well, with or without Samsung’s dominant lead. Android devices accounted for 79% of global market share, with Apple’s iOS bringing in about 17%. Windows held the next best spot at a measly 2.5%. So while Android’s total share slipped about 1% from last year, it’s pretty clear that Android is going to remain the most dominant mobile OS for some time.

source: Gartner

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