T-Mobile preparing multiple promotions for customers this week


T-Mobile is prepping a few new promotions for Uncarrier customers this week that include extra data allowance for hotspots and some free trials to the carrier’s music streaming service, among other things.

The earliest promo to be announced will relate to the carrier’s Rhapsody UnRadio streaming service. A select amount of customers will be given a free 30-day trial of the service, after which they’ll be charged $4 per month for access, as usual. There’s no clear directive on what makes customers eligible, but if you’re on T-Mobile, keep an eye out for a text with the invite.
The carrier is also going to be pushing a photography campaign with a website dedicated to helping customers squeeze the most of their smartphone cameras, complete with instructions and tips on picking the best settings for different kinds of shots. There’s also supposed to be some kind of contest with this promo that should go live on June 11th.

On June 12th, T-Mobile will be launching the biggest promotional offering in the group by upping the hotspot data allowance for customers on the Simple Choice plan. Anyone that’s paying for an extra 5, 7, 9, or 11 GB of data will get an extra 2 GB for free, and the throttled data after the cap will only be slowed down to 128 kb/s. This change will only affect customers on unlimited LTE plans that are paying for mobile hotspot access.

There are also a few more promotions that T-Mobile is saving for later in the summer, although there are no clear details on what those promos will be bring. We’ll keep you updated as we move further into the summer.

source: T-Mo News

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