Android M brings USB Type-C Support, and Doze for better battery life

Android M - Google IO 2015

Today at Google I/O 2015, Google announced Android M, bringing with it two new exciting features, USB Type-C and Doze mode, which will help with battery life efficiency.

One of the most welcomed additions to Android M is Doze. It will intelligently power down your smartphone or tablet when it hasn’t been in use for a long period of time, which has significantly extended battery life. In its keynote speech, Google cites testing being quite successful with results showing devices with Android M “lasting up to two times longer in standby.” It’ll certainly be a welcome feature, since battery life is a significant concern for power users.

Power users won’t have to worry about their device being on the wire too long either. Android M brings with it USB Type-C support, which Google says will accelerate charging significantly. It’s the same reversible USB port Google and Apple are using in their new laptops, such as the Chromebook Pixel 2 and new the MacBook. What’s quite impressive is just how versatile this will make your Android device, allowing users to transfer data and power in either direction, instead of fumbling around with those silly cables.

Google announced some exciting technologies today. Be sure to check out all of our Google I/O 2015 coverage to find out all about it.

About the Author: Brad Ward

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