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Lenovo has been unveiling its latest creations at its Tech World 23015 conference, and here we have the Lenovo Cast streaming device that fills a similar role to Google’s Chromecast device. Instead of looking like a weirdly shaped USB stick though, the Lenovo Cast looks rather like a hockey puck, black and round.


Whereas the Chromecast uses Google’s proprietary casting technology, the Lenovo Cast uses Miracast and DLNA standards that are present in almost Android smartphone or tablet. The Lenovo Cast will mirror your phone or tablets display, much like you can with the Chromecast, the downside of which is that when your display times out, the content being cast to the TV will also vanish.

The Lenovo Cast can cast Full HD movies, images and games from up to 20m away, with the ability to get its signal through two walls. Unlike the Chromecast, the Lenovo Cast offers dual-band WiFi (2.4GHz & 5GHz) compatibility. The device connects to the TV or monitor via HDMI cable, and if you were worried about having to find room in your TV cabinet for the Lenovo Cast, fear not. A bracket is included in the box that allows you to mount the device on the back of your TV.

At $49, Lenovo Cast is a little more expensive than the Chromecast, although it does offer slightly higher specifications than Google’s device. For me, the Chromecast still edges it by giving the user the option to stream content without needing to keep the phone or tablet display on. There’s also a good chance we will see the second generation Chromecast being announced at Google I/O 2015 later on today. Still, you can never have too many options, am I right? Remember to check out our complete Google I/O 2015 coverage by clicking here.

We have the full specifications of the Lenovo Cast below.


Source: Lenovo

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