Razer’s Forge TV does not yet support Netflix


Looking at the Razer Forge TV as the next addition to your living room? You may want to wait before making that purchase. The latest Android TV device does not support Netflix at this time.

The FAQ section of the Forge TV’s support page reads:

Is Netflix currently supported on Forge TV?
Netflix is currently unavailable at this time.

Razer acknowledged that Netflix support is lacking and they are working with the video streaming service to resolve the issue. They did not, however, offer any reason as to why Netflix does not work with the Forge TV set-top box.

So your options to insert Android TV into your life boil down to the Nexus Player once again. Or you can wait until the SHIELD TV is released and cross your fingers that NVIDIA does not see the same issue with Netflix.

Source: Razer Support

About the Author: Justin Herrick

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  • JC

    Same problem with minix. While I’m a Netflix subscriber, I do get pissed off with their device “approval” strategy. You can run the Android Netflix app, it runs fine, but simply doesn’t go beyond 480p. I get they have a brand to protect, but the classic corporate approach of treating customers like dumb cattle and refusing access to their hires content simply because they’re worried any technical issues I’ll have will immediately be blamed on them rather than the box is absurd.

    • Chris Gerhard

      The Minix box does not meet the requirements to be approved for Netflix in HD. If Minix had wanted to make a Netflix approved box, the company could have done so. This isn’t the fault of Netflix, the content owners require certain things, proper handling of DRM and whatever else the contracts call for.

      I don’t know what happened with the Razer Forge TV, why it hasn’t been approved for Netflix but Netflix doesn’t just arbitrarily decide a device can’t be used, the necessary requirements are available to all manufacturers who can then make boxes that will be approved. You might note, a hundred devices or more are approved to run Netflix at 1080p so it isn’t something that is extremely difficult to do.