Best Buy’s Photoshop Fail: Droid Eris running Windows Mobile? Not so much

In the latest in the “why can’t people photoshop ANYTHING” series, it looks like we’ve got a Droid Eris running Windows Mobile. To make matters worse, It also appears to be running on some kind of HSPA network, as seen by the big “H” in the signal bars there. Verizon, I think it may be time to get yourselves a new advertising team… or at least come up with something a little more believable.

[via bestbuy]

  • Jay Askren

    It sounds to me like their advertising is working pretty well. Best Buy got you to mention them and post a link to them. That is what they want.

  • Casper

    It’s moments like this where I remember why – after 10 years as a graphic designer – I have no regrets for walking away.

    Why continue clawing for jobs when some of the best design jobs/contracts are filled with such incompetence?