HTC Desire HD Update 1.72.405.3 Now Available


HTC is pushing its update out for the Desire HD, bringing it up to Android 2.2.1. Even though this isn’t the Gingerbread update that many were hoping for, it does bring with it a few decent improvements regardless which users should get excited about.

Among the improvements is a faster response from the camera, making the video recording much smoother. Also, users who have already updated have stated that the Desire HD runs better after the update across many applications, and general performance.

Yes, improvements are good!

[via Eurodroid]

  • Rosjer

    Have also noticed that due to the system improvements made, battery life allmost dubbled for me :)

  • Summer

    just found that after the updating all my messages were disappeared.. and cant send message now.. what should i do:(

  • nadeboy

    I updated my phone, but have hit a problem. Now whenever I get a new txt message, the notifcation does not clear unless I go into the notifications window and open the txt from there.

    Hope it’s fixed soon :(

  • shannon hanson

    Keeping my phone updated!

  • ashley

    how do I update every time I click update it says I have phone up to date and it still says 2.2. any ideas?

  • Steve

    My phone already says software version 1.83.415.4
    But states it is Android version 2.2.
    Where do people get the 2.2.1 from??
    Actually it says…
    Kernel version
    Build number 1.83.415.4-cl327244

    When I do the System|Phone|System Software Updates menu thing it says there are no updates.

    Not too concerned but I an seeing all different version numbers etc being muted all which are different than my phone??