Google removes Threes! from the Play Store over policy violation


Google has just removed popular game Threes! from the Play Store, over alleged policy violations of Android’s premier app market. The developer said on Twitter that the game was removed over the use of the search keyword “2048” for the game.

The developer did this so that users who search for 2048 on the Play Store also come across Threes and it clearly hasn’t gone down well with Google. This practice is known in the industry as keyword stuffing and is taken very seriously by Google.

So there’s no telling as to when Threes will make a comeback in the Play Store, but it is likely that Google will allow the app on the Play Store if they make the necessary changes to the game. It is important to note that users who already have the app will be unharmed by this. 2048 is yet another puzzle game popular in the Play Store, so it’s no surprise that the developer of Threes tried to piggyback off its demand.

Source: Google Play Store, @AsherVo – Twitter
Via: Phandroid

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  • komrath

    WTF? 2048 is a clone made off Threes, I think they have all the right to piggyback the searches…