Tips, tricks and tutorials: Getting started with your new Android phone

So, you opened up that present on Christmas, and found a brand new, shiny Android phone inside. Sure, you kissed them on the cheek and told them it’s everything you’ve ever wanted, but now what? Fortunately, we’re here to help you out in getting started with your awesome new smartphone.

Switching to Android: Be sure to check out this article on getting everything moved over from the walled garden of the iPhone to the open space of Android. If you’re coming from another platform, be sure to check with your wireless carrier to see what kind of backup solutions they have. You can also take your new phone and old phone over to a store of the carrier you’re on; they’ll usually have some tools to help you out.

Apps: Surely, by this point, you know all about apps on Android. We happen to have a full database of apps here, complete with all the info you could ever want. You can also check out our list of top apps by our writers here.

Rooting: You may have heard of the terms “root” or “rooting”, but you may be wondering… what is it? Basically, when you first get your Android device started up and running, you only have basic user access to the file system. Think of it like your computer: you have an administrative user, and a standard user. The user that you are essentially accessing out of the box on your Android phone is like the regular user. What rooting does is give you access to the administrative user. You can also check out a full list of pro’s and con’s here.

Gmail Integration: This is a big one you’ll have to get used to. Almost everything on your Android phone will somehow be tied to your Gmail address, and you have to have one to set up your phone. You’re going to want to check out the Gmail interface if you’ve never used it before, both on your phone and via your computer. If ever you have to change to a different Android phone, all your contacts and previously downloaded apps will be tied to your account, so it’ll be easier to make the switch next time.

Customization: Looking for a cool wallpaper to go along with your cool new Android phone? You can check out our wallpaper forums here (most popular source for Android wallpapers on the web!), and also be sure to check out our top staff picks of our favorite wallpapers.

Gaming: That’s right, folks. Your new Android phone is also an awesome little gaming machine. With games like The Sims 3 and Dungeon Defenders, you’ve got plenty of choices for awesome games on your platform. Just check out our gaming database here. We also have a list of all of the favorite games of our writers, which we think you’ll love!

Security: We here at TalkAndroid are huge on security, and that’s why we love Lookout Mobile Security for Android. Be sure to check out some news and info on it here, and check out the app itself here. There is  a free version, and you can also pay for a premium version yearly.

News on the platform: Where else would you go but TalkAndroid? Nowhere! We update every single day with Android news, reviews, sales, insider tips, entertainment… everything related to your new Android phone! Be sure to bookmark us, and check us out on:

So congrats on your new Android phone, and we hope you love it! Keep it here for all the latest on your new phone, and be sure to comment below. If you still have questions, you can also check out our forums.

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