Dell Streak 7 inch Tablet Launching on T-Mobile


Dell had announced early last year their intentions on releasing a 7 inch tablet running android, which would likely be available on T-Mobile. Coming this year at the CES show (where it seems everyone is saving their announcements for lately), it’s likely that we’l hear more about when e can get this tablet, and confirm if we se it on T-Mobile.

We hope that with all the tablets being announced at CES 2011, that Dell either starts this with Android 2.3, or at least has an update path within a matter of weeks to Gingerbread, as we’ve heard many tablets will be launching with Gingerbread for 2011. Froyo is so…2010!

[via CellPhoneSignal]

  • mgk

    Streak 7 is big misstake ! Why Dell ??? WHY listen to sly, evil “experts”??
    Big tablets are not ready to replace lap-tops! And for hard job QWERTY keyboard is still a must.
    Streak 5 is the big winer. People will soon undestand that ! Nobody will carry whole day smart(phone) and tablet . And to carry only 3.5 inches smartphone for browsing is terrible! The answer for that is Streak 5 ! What must be size of tablet to fit your pocket? 5 inches . What must be maximum size of smartphone to fit your pocket? 5 inches. And you need everything to be there , ALL-IN-ONE. That’s “the worst” Dell Streak! It is “worst” for many companies because it kills many products: phones, smartphones and tablets! Everyone will have soon 5” device in the pocket whole day! I can bet on it with all the “experts”! And if the people need sometimes to carry also someting bigger, it wil be not “best” handycuppt IPad , but sleek and light laptop for harder job. ( or cheap, light reader- if much reading)