Google Now card now drops you a notification when an item you looked for goes on sale


Google Now has received several updates over the past few months, bringing along some much needed changes. The most recent addition allowed integration of a myriad of third party apps, letting you get tailored cards from them in the Google Now page

This new addition however takes it a step further as Android’s default personal assistant/notifications hub can now tell you when an item that you previously searched for is going on sale. This is a useful feature for people who do almost all of their shopping online.

We frequently find ourselves in a situation where an item is out of stock and we forget about its existence a few days later. This new Google Now feature will ensure that you’re in the loop about the product’s availability at all times. Google Now cards will also appear when there are price drops for an item, which again is a very handy feature.

This feature should be spotted by the users over the coming days. Make sure you let us know if you’re seeing it on Google Now already.

Via: Android Police