The new SwiftKey beta has a redesigned settings and content menu


Sometimes a settings menu can be somewhat of a mess. Just look at the original settings menu on the Galaxy S4 if you want an example. Well SwiftKey in its effort to make its app as painless as possible to use, is introducing a “totally re-imagined” settings and content menu. The new menu also comes with a shiny new name.

SwiftKey Hub, as its called, is located in a new location and has all of SwiftKey’s most popular settings in what SwiftKey calls a sleek, modern look. It comes with three major sections: Personalize, which will include SwiftKey Cloud, typing stats, social options and SwiftKey support; the SwiftKey Store will let users browse and preview themes in a way that is said to be easier than the current iteration; and the settings menu that’s easily to navigate.

Those who use Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati and Marathi languages will now see adaptive new layouts for the very first time. The Dashlane collaboration is also present but only currently available to those who have the Dashlane app  installed.

If you want to use the beta, you’ll have to sign up and go through the motions here. Beta testers, look for the update to hit you if it hasn’t already.

source: SwiftKey

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