LG takes the lid off of new UX features for the G4


LG has already shown off some of what the G4 will be able to do ahead of the official announcement, and today they’ve released a second video detailing quite a bit about the camera, plus a few other things their 2015 flagship will be capable of.

The camera will be one of the biggest selling points of the G4, so of course LG is demonstrating some of what it’s capable of. The new camera features a selfie mode, similar to what’s seen on the G Flex, but a pretty handy feature is the ability to double tap the rear volume down key to instantly snap a photo without actually having to open the camera app. This feature is probably in response to Samsung’s snappy home button double tap feature in the GS6, and the good news is that LG’s implementation should be just a bit faster. The drawback looks like you won’t be able to aim at all using that double press, so you’d better learn exactly how to line your shots up to get any good photos with it.

There’s also a new caller ID feature where the G4 will automatically create custom ringtones for different callers. Custom ringtones isn’t exactly a new feature for smartphones, but it looks like LG’s software handles it automatically. Might not be groundbreaking, but it’s useful if you’re in a situation (like working out) where you don’t know if you actually need to worry about picking up the phone, depending on who’s calling.

LG is also revamping their Quick Memo feature set by adding a read-later option to the interface. You’ll be able to quickly clip web content, sans ads and other distractions, in your Quick Memo to come back to later. Useful for recipes or news articles that you don’t have time to read right this instant.

2015 is the year where Samsung trimmed up their software and tried to cut back on the bloat, but it looks like LG is going to double down on their baked in features, for better or worse. Are you still going to be interested in the G4 with all of these extra features?

About the Author: Jared Peters

Born in southern Alabama, Jared spends his working time selling phones and his spare time writing about them. The Android enthusiasm started with the original Motorola Droid, but the tech enthusiasm currently covers just about everything. He likes PC gaming, Lenovo's Moto Z line, and a good productivity app.

  • Prady

    i really like the double tap to take a pic even if device is locked or whatever app it is. could be mind blowing if it works correctly.. The shortcut on S6 is pretty awesome but if this what they are saying in the video then I am impressed.