Acer’s gyroscope powered Android tablet gets video preview treatment

Image courtesy of engadget

Remember Acer’s press event last month, where they showed off a new tablet… but refused to turn it on? Well, it looks like the company should have passed the message to keep them off along to their employees. That’s right: we’ve got a leaked video – courtesy of engadget – of the new gyroscope-touting, Android-powered tablet, doing what it does best. We can also see a slew of custom Acer branded apps, and, although the UI looks very beta, it’s pretty exciting stuff.

We expect to see this thing in the final stages around April, and probably touting Honeycomb. However, by taking a quick glimpse at the app drawer in the videos, we can see that it looks quite a bit like Froyo at the moment. Be sure to hit up the source link to check out all the videos, and be sure to let us know your thoughts on this tablet in the comments.

[via engadget]