Dell Streak 2/Opus One Gets Wifi Certification

The Wi-FI Alliance just granted Dell certification for a “mobile internet device.” The model number is M02M — which is one number from the Streak (M01M), their 5-inch tablet. While we know this isn’t a variant of the current Streak (which is pictured above), we’re not sure exactly what the device is…perhaps a sequel? There’s been talk of a 7-inch Streak on the horizon, and that’s my best guess. There have been other rumors of Dell tablets though, and it could be one of those. Perhaps the dual-core Opus One, or maybe the Looking Glass tablet that was rumored recently over at Engadget. Personally, though, I’d bet on the Streak sequel. The current streak is 5 inches, with a 1GB processor, and has been pretty popular. I’d expect this model to up the CPU a bit and go with a 7-inch screen. More details are likely to be forthcoming soon, and we will definitely stay on top of this one.

[via PocketNow]