Tesco Mobile launches a Galaxy S6 to the edge of space as part of Twitter competition


Today is April 10th, and that means it’s the official launch of Samsung’s newest flagship devices; the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. You are probably expecting to see the usual flood of unboxing videos (give it time) but we have something a little different here courtesy of Tesco Mobile. The UK retailer has attached the dual-edged Galaxy S6 to a special balloon and launched it up to the edge of space in a competition to give away 2 handsets via Twitter.

Tesco-Edge-of-Space-GalaxyS6-Edge (2)

The balloon was launched from an undisclosed location within the UK’s Peak District national park. It then reached the edge of space, dealing with 160km/h winds as well as sub-zero temperatures as low as -57 degrees Celsius. To keep us informed of the balloons progress and forthcoming fall, three GoPro cameras are attached to the vehicle.

You can win a Galaxy S6 handset by taking to Twitter and using the hashtag #S6EdgeOfSpace and the word Drop at the exact time you believe the balloon will pop. The other handset (Galaxy S6 Edge) can be won by using the same hashtag and the word Land when you think the handset will hit the ground. It should be taken for granted that the winners will be receiving brand new smartphones and not the device that eventually smashes into the earth.

You can follow the progress of the balloon and its cargo by watching Tesco Mobile’s live stream, which will go live at 11am UK time.

Via: GSMArena


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