How much free space do you actually get on a Galaxy S6?

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (47)

The folks over at GSM Arena have been lucky enough to get their hands on three of Samsung’s flagship smartphones of 2015, the Galaxy S6, and have taken to their blog to report how much free space you’ll actually be getting when you purchase a 32GB, 64GB or 128GB model.

Straight out of the box, the 32GB model will have a mere 23GB of free storage, with a whopping 9GB being taken up by Samsung’s firmware. More specifically, 6.5GB has been assigned to the operating system, with 2.5GB being allotted to stock applications, which can, of course, be disabled, but not uninstalled.

The 64GB variant will ship with around 54GB of clear space, whilst the beastly 128GB version will have 118GB free for all of your apps, documents, pictures, videos and music.

So which model should you opt for?

I’d recommend picking up the 64GB Galaxy S6 if you can. My reasoning behind this is simple. Most smartphones on the market ship with 32GB of internal memory, but users still find themselves inserting a microSD card in order to store additional files. Seeing as Samsung removed the microSD card slot from the S6, it would be best to opt for a higher capacity, so you don’t risk running out of space.

Source: GSM Arena


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  • Steve

    Does the S6 support OTG for use of flash drives/memory sticks??

    • MockingBird


      • MockingBird

        Actually no it doesn’t I’m a retard

  • Sarthak Agarwal

    Yes it does..

  • Nila

    So you’re going to buy a fancy phone then walk around with a cable hanging out of it with a USB drive plugged into it?
    This is why the S6 sucks – I was planning to buy it this month for my upgrade from my Sony Xperia Z. Now that it’s released I’m having to try work out what phone I will get instead – one that will let me actually insert SD Cards or spare batteries!

    • Max Fireman

      Hahaha. It lasts 14 hours. You gonna walk around with a spare battery in your pocket too? Exactly

  • Andis Zvanbergs

    LG G4 use about 10-12 MB per picture for me avarage in daytime on jpg format. So i believe if S6 have same camera quality or even better than built in memory sucks. Better is picture quality more memory space it takes. RAW mode is even more hungry!