Rumour: Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Active to come with Micro-SD card and removable battery, announced mid-summer 2015


While the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge handsets have received much praise and plaudits for their stylish design, there were a couple of criticisms. The two main items of contention were the lack of MicroSD card support and the presence of a non-removable battery. The Galaxy S6 Active will return to Samsung’s roots though and come with a MicroSD card slot and removable battery according to an interview with a Samsung representative and Reddit member Garshol.

While Samsung gives with one hand, the other takes away in that the fingerprint reader and pulse meter will be omitted from the Galaxy S6 Active. It’s probably a swap that most users would be happy about although there is a chance that because Samsung is including expandable storage that this will mean that they will not be including the speedy UFS 2.0 flash storage on the S6 Active. Time will tell.

It isn’t known just yet what resolution screen the S6 Active will carry because it’s still in development, but Garshol did manage to learn that the Galaxy S6 Active will:

  • Have physical buttons on the front of the device
  • MicroSD card reader (as previously mentioned)
  • lower specced camera than the standard Galaxy S6, it might have OIS (Optical Image Stabilisation)
  • No fingerprint reader/Pulse meter
  • Removable battery (bigger capacity)

We have heard rumours that the Galaxy S6 Active is allegedly heading to AT&T first, as a result of the carriers close relationship to Samsung. Thanks to Garshol’s interview, we can add that the Galaxy S6 Active is expected to be announced mid-summer 2015.

Source: Reddit
Via: Sammobile

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  • wekebu

    Why the photo of the S5?

    • Peter Holden

      Actually, it’s the S5 Active…I used that because we don’t have a pic of the S6 Active yet…

  • Stevert

    So it’s better without gimmicks?