Google Keep updated to version 3.1 with a couple of new features [APK Download]


Google Keep is one of the best note taking/checklist apps available on Android. What makes it even better is the fact that it comes directly from Google, who can add new features periodically. And the app has now been updated to version 3.1 with some new features in tow.

First and foremost, users can now set recurring reminders for notes or checklists. Although the reminders feature has always existed on Google Keep, it could only be set once, but that changes today.

Google is also rolling out a new labels feature for the app, which lets you tag posts under different labels. So if you have something work related, you can tag it under work and personal notes can be filtered under the Personal label. Users can create custom labels as well. This feature has been long awaited and it’s good to know that Google is paying attention to the suggestions of the users.

If you haven’t seen the update notification yet, head over to the apk download link below to get the updated version of Keep on your Android smartphone/tablet.

APK Download Link

About the Author: Valerie Richardson

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