Say goodbye to bloatware #2: The Galaxy S6 allows you to remove (most) pre-installed apps

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (47)


One of the things that users frequently complain about smartphones is the amount of pre-installed apps, or bloatware if you will. It’s something that is present on many handsets, with Samsung’s offerings being one of the worst offenders thanks to its own suite of Galaxy Apps that come pre-installed. There are signs though that users will be able to say goodbye to bloatware from the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge handsets thanks to a post on the XDA Forums by Jeshter2000, who has managed to get his hands on a Galaxy S6 Edge running pre-release firmware.

Galaxy S6 uninstalled apps (2)

Again, it should be emphasized that the Galaxy S6 Edge that Jeshter2000 has access to is running pre-release firmware, this means that the ability to uninstall the pre-installed apps could be missing from the final release. That said, being able to manually remove Samsung apps such as S-Voice and S-Health among others, the included Microsoft apps such as Skype, OneNote and OneDrive as well as various Google apps can only add to the user experience. If, indeed, Samsung keeps the option to manually remove the pre-installed apps without the user having to resort to rooting the device, but simply via a couple of taps on the screen, it would surely win over some of Samsung’s most vocal critics.

What do you think? If Samsung were to keep the ability to remove bloatware in the final firmware release, would you be suitably impressed? If bloatware was a deal breaker when looking at purchasing a Samsung smartphone, would the ability to remove the offending app or apps with just a couple of taps on the screen tempt you to give Samsung your hard-earned cash?


Source: XDA
Via: TechnoBuffalo

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  • My Galaxy Prime

    I’m not too concerned about Bloatware from Samsung. I’m more concerned about the bloat from Verizon. SOFTCARD app anyone?

    • justafew

      Needless to say, if Softcard is still on the S6 that would go even beyond the definition of bloatware, since Softcard will no longer be in existence as of March 31.

      • My Galaxy Prime

        Softcard better not be. It’s a useless app taking up what little room I already have on my S5. I just want to bet able to uninstall any app I don’t want.