The HTC One M7 just might get the Android 5.1 update after all…


It’s just a couple of days ago that we reported that the stock variant of the HTC One M7 would be marooned on Android 5.0.2 while the GPE M7 would be updated to Android 5.1. Understandably, this news upset some M7 owners who were confused about how the 5.1 update could be classed as a major update to the Android operating system as it consists mainly of tweaks and bug fixes. There may be some cause for hope though.

As you can see from the tweet above, the outcry would seem to have had some effect on HTC, with the Vice President of Product Management, Mo Versi, again taking to Twitter to discuss the matter. The tweet is not a concrete commitment to updating the HTC One M7 handset to Android 5.1 by any means, but it’s better than a flat-out negative. Mo Versi did emphasize that many of the Android 5.1 bug fixes had already been applied to the current firmware.

With readers making comments such as the one below, it’s clear that HTC might have made a mistake in deciding to update the GPE version to Android 5.1, but not the stock variant that uses the same hardware.

“Time to look into a new phone and new phone manufacturing company as htc just lost my support.”

If HTC does indeed update the stock M7 to Android 5.1 despite it already having received the 2 years of promised ‘Major’ updates, it could garner HTC some much-needed goodwill and loyalty from its fans. This goodwill and loyalty could well translate into sales and that is something that HTC can’t afford to throw away. We will have to wait for HTC to stick or twist regarding this matter, but here’s hoping that the can see the opportunity to grab some good PR from the situation. I guess we will have to wait until Mo Versi mentions the topic on Twitter again to find out the outcome.

Source: @moversi

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