Report says Samsung is currently the top smartwatch vendor in the world


Samsung has been in the wearables game since 2013 as we all know. This was a time when the concept hadn’t matured as it has today. The Galaxy Gear as it was known, turned out to be a failure for the company.

But after that, the company launched a series of wearables running the Tizen operating system. All these factors have collectively made Samsung the top smartwatch vendor in the world with 17.65% of the overall wearables marketshare. The data was gathered by Statista.

The Korean manufacturer has reportedly sold 1.2 million smartwatches until the end of 2014. At second place is Pebble, which is believed to have sold 700,000 wearables by the end of 2014. The third, fourth and fifth spot were taken by Fitbit, Sony and Lenovo respectively.

Samsung’s last known wearable, the Gear S was announced back in September and packed cellular connectivity, letting users operate the device independently. The company also has an Android Wear smartwatch called the Gear Live which was unveiled in June, but it hasn’t quite seen the success that the company had hoped for.

Source: Seeking Alpha
Via: GSM Arena

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  • Robert

    Well this is just wrong. WHere is Motorola? THey outsold them all with the 360.

    • QwertyJuan

      Obviously not eh?

    • DW Duck

      They are lenovo, Motorola is owned by them

  • Jellyface86

    thats just bullcrap! LG WATCH much betta