Acer adds new Intel Core i3-powered Chromebox to its CXI lineup

Acer Chromebox_kb_ms

Acer has announced some brand new Chromeboxes in its CXI lineup, including a relatively powerful box with an Intel Core i3 processor inside. The CXI-i34GKM sports a 4th generation i3 4030u CPU, which is a dual-core processor that’s specialized in low-power consumption and speedy performance.

It’s rare to see powerful chips inside of Chromebooks or Chromeboxes, and while this i3 isn’t top of the line, it’s one of the better performing processors you’ll find in a Chrome device. It’s capable of pushing both 2k and 4k displays and is equipped with 4 GB of RAM and a 16 GB solid state drive, plus all the typical radios and connections that you’re used to.

This box was designed primarily for small business and educational use where you don’t need a ton of horsepower to do daily tasks. Basic web browsing and document editing will be no problem for the set of specs this thing comes with, and since it’ll launch at around the sub-400 dollar price point, it’s perfect for the market it’s aimed at.

source: Acer