Pictures of the LG B emerge, thinner and brighter than the iPhone?

The folks over at Phandroid managed to get their hands on some exclusive shots of a new Android device from LG simply called “B”. As you can see from the photo above, the B appears to be slightly thinner than the iPhone, and from the photo below you can see it also appears to be somewhat brighter.

The color saturation is a bit off in this photo, but you can see that the display appears noticeably brighter than the iPhone on the left. Continue after the break to see some specs about the display, as well as another shot showing off how thin the device is.

Obviously just because the display is bright doesn’t mean it’s going to look very good, or that the phone will function well. However, given how epic the now formally announced Optimus 2X looks, this may end up being quite the device. Hit up the source link for a couple more photos, and stay tuned for more details at what may end up being one of the most hotly anticipated Android phones of 2011.

[via Phandroid]