Sprint and Gowalla Giving Away Samsung Epics for Checking In Around Manhattan

In celebration of the new 4G service in New York, Sprint and Gowalla are teaming up to give away some 4G phones. Smartphone users who have the Gowalla app installed and check in around Manhattan may be eligible to win one of several Samsung Epic phones. In addition to the phone, Sprint will give the winners 6 months of free service. When you check in, you’ll get a message letting you know if you’ve been entered in the contest.

Gowalla, for those who may not know, is a social networking application akin to Foursquare, allowing users to “check in” at their favorite locations and updating their friends where they’ve been. The Epic is a great phone, and if I were in the NYC area, you can bet that I’d be downloading Gowalla right now. Android users can get the app from the link above, or by scanning the QR code below. Tell us in the comments if you happen to win one!

[via Sprint]