Google is Adding Hangouts Chat with Businesses from Search Results

If you’ve ever wanted to contact an establishment from a Google search result, but didn’t have the time to wait for an email or the attention for a phone call, then Google has just what you need: Hangouts. Granted, Hangouts has been around for a while, but it has yet to be implemented in this way. Google has been testing the new feature with certain establishments, and thus far, the results look promising. The feature also comes with a estimated response time for each business so you can know when you can expect a reply.

Messaging businesses isn’t unheard of in 2015, but if Google starts to really pursue this feature, we can expect to see it really take off, especially if it ties-in well with Google Maps. Since it’s still in testing, we can’t know if it is a serious venture or not, but keep your eyes peeled for updates about Google’s progress on

Source:  TechCrunch