Blast off with the Rocket Bunnies game!

There’s Bunnies.  There’s Rockets.  And then there’s Bunnies on Rockets.  Rocket Bunnies is a fast paced action-paced strategy game where you control a cracked out looking bunny that slings from planet to planet in outer-space collecting carrots and power ups, all while avoiding mines and enemies spiders.  Timing is everything in this game, as you are trying to get through the planet filled galaxies as fast as possible.

Oh you crazy game developers, what will you think of next?  Rocket Bunnies is free, but the developer states that if you are on a Samsung device, you’ll need Android 2.2 to run it.  Give it a shot and let us know what you think in the comments.

Hit the jump to grab the QR and see a video of the game in action.

Android Market Link

[via droid life]

  • Kethead

    This game is freaking awesome, after playing this it’s like angry what…?