Kids will have their own YouTube app starting February 23


There is a ton of content for kids on YouTube, but there is only one problem…..There is also a ton of content that isn’t appropriate for kids. To solve this issue, Google will launch a YouTube Kids app on February 23.

YouTube Kids was designed by in-house engineers with parenting credentials along with other third-party testers such as Common Sense Media. It will offer a simpler interface in that viewer comments will be disabled. Parents can even set a timer that will automatically shut down the app at a specified amount of time.

USA Today was able to get a demo of the new app and they report that it will offer large icons to make it easier for kids to find what they are looking for. Tapping on the TV set will get shows like Thomas the Tank Engine and Yo Gabba Gabba, while the radio will offer videos of popular songs. Then there is a lightbulb that represents educational programming like Khan Academy, and binoculars for exploring top videos.

Children will also be able to search for videos by typing or speaking. Of course, your three year old might have trouble doing that, but it’s there for when they get older. The good news is that if they were to search for something like “sex”,. the app will come back with “Try something else.”

For starters, the app will only be available on Android, but it’s a safe assumption that Google will launch it on iOS soon. No word on Chromecast and Android TV compatibility, but I would imagine the app will be compatible with both at launch or very soon after.

source: USA Today

About the Author: Robert Nazarian

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