Google Maps Navigation Now Available For UK Android Phones

UK Android phone owners will be pleased to learn that the Google Maps Navigation app is now up and running for all handsets powered by Android 1.6 and up.

Google Maps Navigation 4.1.1 Beta was sent out to UK devices late last night in a quiet update that extends the Google Maps application to include free navigation services.

Google Maps Navigation

Using both vector and StreetView mapping for easy navigation around the UK, the app also includes voice search along with searching the route ahead to let you know about local hotels, petrol stations or restaurants that you might encounter on your journey.

To activate the new software, you may need to restart your handset, but keep in mind the software is only compatible with Android phones running 1.6 and upwards – so if you own a HTC Magic you’re out of luck.


  • Pete

    Or a Hero, mines 1.5

  • timbo

    Please get your facts correct, the Magic has had an OTA update to 1.6 (in the uk at least)

  • Steve

    Yep I’m 1.5 with a Hero too, gutted.

  • Luke

    works fine on the UK Magic (google branded vodafone) 1.6

  • Falko

    Magic has 1.6!!! In Germany UK and all over the world…

  • Ian Collins

    NZ would be nice too :-)

  • Lukehlukes Android App Reviews

    I have downloaded and installed it but I have not properly tested it yet.

  • Mark

    What about Canada???? We’re right next door!

  • Andrew

    I have a samsung galaxy but it does not seem to have been updated. How can I update ??

  • Andrew

    also Samsung does not seem to be interested in allowing the galaxy to work with PC Studio etc ??

  • richard

    I have Magic and it works for me, just had to turn it off and then back on again, free sat nav well done google this is what i have been waiting for

  • Ben

    Well, I tried it out yesterday on my Legend and it worked pretty well. One caveat is that it uses straight text to speech for place names so a lot of them sounded completely wrong, for example Macclesfield was pronounced Mack-less-field, a bit of a distraction. However, it was free and worked well enough so hey.

  • Kham Tran

    I’ve got my fingers crossed hoping Google won’t take forever to release navigation in Australia.

  • Steven Vettle

    I prefer NDrive’s UK maps to Googles, find them more accurate and the user interface to be more friendly.

  • Harry

    Google navigation is one of the hardest and most complecated application never used before.