The “Rugged” Motorola Defy May Have Some Earpiece Issues

Motorola has been touting the Defy as being the most “rugged” device on the market. It has a body that is being presented as near-indestructible. Sadly, there might be some issues internally. It is suspected that the headphone jack may be putting too much pressure on the internal wiring and damaging the earpiece on the phone. Motorola is investigating, but this is disappointing news for a phone that is supposed to be the toughest on the market. Worst of all, if this is indeed the issue, it won’t be fixed by a simple software update… Motorola may have to head back to the drawing board.

[via MobileCrunch]

  • Givan

    I managed to fix my device, the problem appeared randomly and after one day the earpiece completely stopped to work. I disassembled the unit (very easy compared to my previous experiences with htc and nokia units, just 7 external screw and 2 internal, upper side, removed the sim, unplugged the two screen connectors and you will easily have 4 layers: glass-screen-mainboard-back) and scrubbed all the connectors in the upper part of the main board and in the back plastic cover with a small screwdriver to restore the surface’s connectivity.

    after having it reassembled the problem disappeared, I think the oxydation, even if not visible, caused the issue.
    At the end, easier than dealing with the shipment ot service and wait for weeks to have it back