Samsung Continuum loses ticker display, Verizon can’t Photoshop their way out of a wet paper bag

Been thinking that you want a Samsung Continuum, if only it would get rid of that totally awesome ticker display? Well, if you’re taking the same crazy awesome pills as Verizon’s Photoshop department, that dream can be a reality, along with your wishes for a unicorn that can fly you to Jupiter to buy you an extra black sock for that ecstasy party you’re going to.

That’s right, folks. In the latest round of “Verizon can’t not do up the bad Photoshop” news, Verizon took off the ticker display and slapped a big fat happy family onto the entire front side. Which is a shame, considering they could have added the TalkAndroid RSS feed to the bottom, found here. :)

Let us know your thoughts below.

Update: It looks like Verizon has fixed the pic with a new one, complete with all the things it’s supposed to be complete with.

[via verizon]

  • Jeremy

    There must be other examples of this around. I hadn’t seen this phone before, and I called Verizon last night and asked about it. The rep hat took my call said that the home buttons are at the bottom and when the ticker wants to display info, the home buttons move up and the ticker appears below the home buttons.