Neptune Promises “Killer” Wearable in 2015


Canadian firm Neptune, which in 2013 crowdsourced development on Pine, the world’s first “standalone” smartwatch (i.e. doesn’t require a phone to function), now appears to have a successor in the works, described as a “killer” by Neptune CEO Simon Tian:

“Wearables in general have so far struggled to achieve mass appeal, largely because there hasn’t really been any clear value propositions offered that are actually meaningful for the general user. Most devices on the market today are limited to very basic applications like fitness tracking or receiving notifications from your phone. We at Neptune believe that we’ve come up with a device – a ‘killer’ wearable – that provides genuine and unique benefits for the average user. It has the potential to finally bring the product category to the mainstream.”

Pine raised over $100,000 on Kickstarter in a single day, ultimately raising over $800,000. The bulky smartwatch shipped in summer 2014 to mixed reviews.

So what will Pine’s successor entail? What defines the “ultimate” wearable? Neptune is mum on specifics at this point, but if you want to receive updates via their newsletter, you can grab it at

Source: PRWeb

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  • effi mote

    it is a little bulky big ,i dont think it is portable and light to wear .
    but got nice design ,simple and delicated