Montblanc Wants to Add a Smart Wristband to Your Dumb Watch


The big watchmakers are not standing idly by as tech companies infiltrate the traditionally stodgy wristwear market with smartwatches. However, Montblanc’s latest attempt to stay relevant in the face of alternative technologies could certainly leave the casual observer scratching his or her head.

Instead of an actual smartwatch, the venerable timekeeper is giving consumers the option of purchasing a fancy watch band, dubbed “e-Strap,” that contains a small LCD screen with typical smartwatch information on it. This way you can still be classy up front but dangerously progressive on the back. No one at the baccarat table will know the difference.

The band itself will cost $300… which is the cost of many smartwatches. So if you are a true Montblanc devotee, you can still grab your multi-thousand-dollar watch and give it a smidgen of tech. If you are forward thinking, you’ll just pick up a Moto 360 and add a Montblanc face to it. Either way, it’s obvious the longstanding European watchmakers are starting to feel the pressure from smartwatches.

Me, I’m going to waste my money on that awesome Lamborghini phone, instead.

Source: TechCrunch

  • JPB

    I like the idea, if not the price. Too many current smartwatches, including the upcoming Apple one, are too big for most women to want. The idea of a smart band works nicely. Keep the jewelry part up top and the info part on the bottom for when you need it.

  • yahoouser1165

    Twenty or more years from now the Montblanc (or other mechanical) watch will still work and can be passed to the next generation. In one year a Moto 360 or Apple watch will have to be upgraded and will have been replaced by the next piece of technology. I like the idea of adding current technology classic watches.