Chinese manufacturer ZTE unveils new company logo


ZTE has just unveiled a new logo in its bid to forge a new corporate identity and make further inroads in the M-ICT (Media Information Communications Technology) sector. The announcement comes just as we wait to welcome 2015, so the company couldn’t have picked a better time for something like this.

The company mentions in its press release that it will solely focus on products that are “dynamic, youthful and compelling to users, sustainable and environmentally responsible, as well as open-minded and collaborative.” This should mean a change in branding across the board effective immediately. The company will host a news conference on Monday in Las Vegas just as the CES 2015 event kicks off, so more details will be shared during the course of the event.


ZTE is evolving our operations in line with our broader M-ICT vision, which will help us deliver higher value to customers and drive the growth of our business,” said Shi Lirong, President and Chief Executive Officer of ZTE Corporation. “Our new M-ICT strategy will open up a total addressable market of USD 3.5 trillion for ZTE, far bigger than the USD 350 billion telecommunications market.”

Source: ZTE – PR Newswire

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