Smart Unlock App Brings Trusted Devices Feature To Non Lollipop Devices


Are you envious of the Trusted Devices feature introduced in Lollipop? Not content to wait until your OEM updates your phone to Android 5.0? Good news, everybody, XDA recognized developer, hazex, has recently released an app to the Play Store that can bring this functionality to any Android device running 4.1 and above. Furthermore, if you’re shy of rooting your device, this app will not require you to be rooted!

Hazex and his company, Loading Home, not to be one-upped by Google, are also adding in the ability to add WiFi routers to your list of trusted devices. So even if you’re running Android 5.0, you may want to check out this app simply for that feature. Check out the rest of this article after the break for the app’s link to the Play Store, plus some added information if you’re not quite sure what the Trusted Devices feature is.

Trusted Devices is a feature found on the latest Android OS that let’s a device disable the secure lock-screen should certain user-approved conditions be met. A Bluetooth connection to a device like a smart-watch, for example, can be added to your list of Trusted Devices. When your watch is connected to your smartphone or tablet, Trusted Devices will recognize the connection and disable your lock-screen. Please note that it is the connection itself to the smart-watch, not the smart-watch alone, that’s what is added to your list of Trusted Devices. So if the connection is broken, the lock-screen comes back.

Another option is using the GPS of your device to set a secure location, like your home. If you get outside of your trusted location, the lock-screen re-engages.

These types of connections create what’s referred to as a geo-fence for your device. A geo-fence is a term used to describe fencing in your device based on proximity to an area or connection. Should your device wander too far from the perimeter or connection, the lock-screen re-engages. There are some programs and apps out there, like those offered by Avast, that will completely lock-down your device and report it missing should it get outside of the fence; however, so far as I know, Avast only uses GPS. Trusted Devices, on the other hand, merely turns the lock-screen back on.

Note: Be advised that Hazex has said there’s been some bugs with regard to Samsung’s Galaxy devices, mainly due to TouchWiz being, well, TouchWiz…

If you’d like to follow Loading Home, check out their Twitter page here. The Smart Unlock app is free for 7 days, then costs a $0.99 purchase to use the app after that.

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Source: XDA Developer Forums

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  • bneals

    Not trying to be a prick, but I have been doing this for months with Delayed Lock.

    • Eric Selle

      True, but Delayed Lock doesn’t work with 5.0+

      • bneals

        But delayed lock’s features are built into Android 5.0. That is the point of the story. Delayed Lock and apps like it act like Trusted Devices on non-5.0 devices.

        • Eric Selle

          Delayed Lock brings trusted wifi, BT to non-5.0 (I used to use it until I updated to Lollipop). Yes, bluetooth, location, and face are built into 5.0, but wifi isn’t. This app brings trusted wifi to 5.0