Android One not off to the greatest start


Android One, Google’s answer to get low cost smartphones into the hands of the next billion, seems to be off to a slow start. Micromax, Karbonn, and Spice offered Android One handsets in India from mid September. According to IDC, 8 million smartphones were shipped into India, and only about 2.5% of them were Android One devices.

One of the reasons for the lukewarm reception could be that the devices were initially only offered online, while the target demographic probably doesn’t have internet. Let’s also not forget that Google’s former division, Motorola, is on fire with the Moto E and Moto G. Than there is Xiaomi. However, both of these companies are offering their devices online too.

IDC does see sales picking up in November and December, plus Google plans on expanding into Indonesia, the Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka shortly.

source: India Times