Lookout Mobile Security leads to arrest of car thief

Software like Lookout is great for backing up your contacts and in case you lose your phone, but I bet you never thought it would make a great anti-theft device… As it so happens, one individual was thoughtful enough to install lookout on his phone, and it paid off big time. While making a quick stop at the store, the victim’s car was stolen.

Fortunately he left his phone in the car, and even more fortunate is the fact that he had Lookout installed. He promptly popped open his laptop, checked out where his phone was, called the cops, and within an hour the perp was arrested. Now, most people don’t leave their phone in their cars, but still this is a wonderful story and I’m very happy the car was returned and the thief put behind bars.

Continue reading after the break to watch the video report, and cheers to Lookout for a great product.

[via ABC7]

  • Troy

    Hmmmm, I tried doing the same thing the other day because I couldnt find my phone and Lookout could not locate my phone. It was pretty frustrating but I evetually found it. Good thing I was not in a hurry.