Primecast enjoys 36 hours of service before shutting down


A few days ago, an app allowing Amazon Prime Instant Video content to be mirrored to Chromecast arrived in the Play Store. Primecast is now nonexistent after thirty-six hours of service. The app was pulled from Google Play. We assume Amazon stepped forward with some legal formalities that prevented Primecast from remaining in service.

The developer, at this time, is unsure whether or not Primecast will return to the Play Store. We wouldn’t count on it. At the very least, we can hope that Amazon sees there is a demand for its content to have Chromecast support.

Source: Primecast

  • bneals

    Amazon is the new Apple. In fact, in some ways they are worse. The treat the Android community like shit, even though the backbone of many of their devices is built on it. Speak with your wallet. Don’t give them your money