Google bringing SD card support back to Android in 5.0 Lollipop


It was long thought that Google wanted to phase out external storage in Android, opting for cloud-based solutions, not including SD card slots in Nexus devices and slowly removing SD card functionality in AOSP Android. However, Google is adding some new APIs to Android 5.0 to allow easy access to SD cards after bringing back limited SD functionality in Android 4.4. The new APIs will grant developers access to SD card directories and files after the user grants the application permission once.

Many manufacturers include SD support in their devices by default, but its nice to see Google listening to users and adding native support. Cloud storage is great but traditional expandable storage is nowhere near obsoletion and Google has made a wise move by supporting SD cards in their upcoming version of Android. Do you still use an SD card? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Android Developers
Via: Phone Arena

  • luke

    Great news

  • wekebu

    And yet the Nexus 6 will not have an SD slot?

  • Thom Parslow

    Great news! I have 64gb mem card and was annoyed about not being able to move some large apps over. I held off getting a 128gb mem card for that reason. I think I may have to rethink that now.

  • vienessa waddell

    I am so excited that now we will be able to put apps on an SD card.

  • JimR

    It sounds like apps will have to remain on internal but those apps can store collateral on the SD card. It is not ideal but a move in the right direction.

  • ActionAl

    So glad to see full SD access coming back. The cloud requires a good Internet connection and eats into data plan limits. SD is fast and local. I wouldn’t own a phone without it.

  • Bill Anderson

    Until Android devices start having 128GB internal storage, external storage is a necessity. In Costa Rica we do not have affordable high-speed Internet. I am on the fastest GSM plan at 5mbs, with unlimited volume for $34 a month. And LTE is volume limited and costs around $100 a month. More importantly, LTE is only available in the Central Valley.

  • Stevert

    I backup every night to sd. 3 times now I’ve been saved by that. 1 a pool and 2 failed emmc. I will only buy a phone with an sd slot.

  • Sam Ferdinand

    Thank goodness gracrious me and Google I was THIS close to root (in spite of beeing a noob) my spanking new phone and burning my large and costly SD card I bought together with it!! Bless you Google, you are human after all!

    • malcolm sitori

      Oh my god that was exactly my situation With moto g lte.its gonna get lollipop though

    • Quang Dang

      hahahaha and now you try it for months you just noticed that Google didn’t change anything and your tomtom app is still eating 4.4 gigs instead of 4.45 on kitkat…………Yeah I hate them as well !

  • eternaldragonx

    I better be able to update to lolipop from pile of crap Galaxy tab 4 and kit kat.

    • Sam Ferdinand


  • somesh singh

    i was going to root my moto g nd to run graphics intensive games on sdcard via some third party apps like gl to sd nd foldermount but thnx google to preventing me from loosing mah phn warrenty!!! google nd Motorola brings great innovations!! thnx a lot!!!!!!!!!

  • Andrei Grigore

    so we ca move apps to sd card ?

    • Quang Dang

      No only the apk so here is an exemple of what you can gain with these new rules : take a game/app which is 2 gigabytes, install it and move it to the sd card, Lollipop will gladly shows you that 1.94 gigas was moved to the sd card but in fact it didn’t ! only a part of the apk has really moved to sd card (let says 40 megabytes and the rest is still eating your internal data space …..this is how Google sucks !

  • Ehab Obeidat

    How to do this?