Android L will enable device encryption by default for better security


We’re still waiting on an official Android L announcement from Google, but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep an eye out for new features that the update will have. The latest report comes from the Washington Post and states that Google will enable device encryption by default on all Android L devices. Phone security is a huge deal lately, so this is a welcome change. This encryption will primarily deter law enforcement or government from pulling any data or personal information off of an encrypted device, unless the owner of the device willingly consented to a search. 

The encryption itself isn’t new to Android, but starting with the next release, the devices will automatically turn encryption on whenever they’re activated. There’s no word on if older devices will automatically encrypt themselves once they get the update, but it isn’t particularly difficult to turn the feature on.

Do you ever encrypt your personal phones or tablets?

source: Washington Post

  • Mark Schacht

    Definitely, with passwords and gestures on my HTC M8 and my Ipad Air, and 2-step verification on every Apple or Android app that allows it. Just announced Home Depot hack revealed 56 million credit / debit cards.

  • David A. Martinez

    Since Gingerbread when Google started including it. Same goes with 2-step verification. It used to be considered overkill, but now everyone’s doing it.