TalkAndroid Ultimate Android Throwdown: Round 5 – Final Battle, HTC Evo 4G vs HTC Nexus One

All the battles, brackets, war scars, victory and defeat, it’s all come down to this. The ultimate battle in the Android realm to pick the one and only champion. The two victors now stand, ready to duel out the final round, so who will your pick be? The wildly popular and capable HTC Evo 4G? Or the record-setting, constantly bar raising HTC Nexus One? It’s time to make your decisions, folks. Who is the best, and who goes home crying to Google? Hit the break for the updated leaderboard and to cast your vote. The official winner will be announced Thursday, Nov. 25th. Be sure to let us know your pick and why in the comments.

Let the battle begin!

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  • Adrian Perez

    *Google* Nexus One, definitely, the best phone for me.

  • Stacey J.

    The Nexus One has been the best android phone I ever had. It has been the only phone I have kept longer than 3 months. It has the best hardware and is the best device out in terms of sturdiness.

  • Quang Nguyen

    Nexus One set standards for those called “high-end” Android devices. It’s the grandfather of all. Like Stacey J., It’s the only one that has been able to hold me off to buy another phone. I used to change phone every 2 or 3 months. I’ve been keeping my Nexus One since Feb of 2010.

  • PhxBlue

    I just so happen to own both of these phones. My vote has to go for the Nexus One. When talks of updates or new and exciting roms are getting hot heavy I reach for the Nexus One every time. Being the developer device it’s always getting the updates first.

  • Corey H

    Vanilla android and great roms? Nexus all day everyday!


    What are the main differences between the two? I have the EVO and know about it but what makes the Nexus better or worse?

  • Midas

    They’re the same phone, aside from the EVO having a larger screen, better form factor and a high et megapixel count. Spec wise theyre the same so my vote goes to the EVO, better aesthetics and a monster display make it the clear winner.

  • Julius

    Nexus one is the best phone I’ve owned with the exception of the touch screen. Even with that minor dificiancy it still has my vote for the vanilla roms and sturdy build.

  • Steve

    @D4RkNIKON, simple… Front facing camera (IMHO)

  • hondohasher

    While I’m partial to both the G2 and the Captivate, it’s definitely the Nexus One. It is a more “natural” android system, is easier to carry due to size, and is the one that will likely be updated until the cows go home! Nexus One is Numero Uno!

  • lex

    nexus. evo is wayyyy too big for a phone. its ridiculous.

  • qu1nn


    screen is AWESOME: youtube, surfing, reading ebooks.

  • chicgeek

    What about the Desire? Don’t you americans have that yet? (I think Canada just got it..)

    The Desire seemed to address a lot of the small niggles the N1 had.

  • tenkely

    I am very surprised the EVO is winning this poll. Awful battery life, Sense, the wait for updates… The Nexus One set the standard for the current wave of Android phones we see now and it continues to be the first to get new updates and features. I guess more people bought an EVO but still, Nexus One is the hands down winner in my book.

  • Luckylui

    EVO 4G


    2 cameras
    4G ofcourse!
    4.3 inch screen
    Sense and AOSP (If Rooted)
    AOSP (4G COMING SOON!!) Nexus 1 3G :(
    Yea slow updates but w the work from the AWSOME DEVS @ XDA they make it happen
    Hybrid roms 2.2.1
    Sneak peak of 2.3
    Desire hd port desire z port acer liquid port dell streak port mytouch 4G port
    Battery life not bad w all the kernels that are out. Best scaled at smartass :)

    What more can i say?? 8)

    Its an EVO- Lution Nation!!!

  • dirtyshroomz

    Why is everyone saying nexus? Of course they get updates first its googles phone. The evo still surpasses the nexus though, someone already explained exactly why

  • tenkely

    LMAO at “kickstand” as a reason the EVO is better.
    Nexus does not have that bloated Sense UI, it has better battery life, syncs with my Picasa Web Albums, gets all the official Android updates right away, and is slim and sexy. As far as “4G” my Nexus One is HSPA+ compatible and currently gets around 3.5 to 4mbps down, faster than and EVO 4G speeds I have seen. I guess I will give the EVO the nod for HDMI and front facing camera but the rest speaks for itself. Nexus One > EVO 4G.