Did you break your Nexus 5? You now have one chance to replace it


If you’re the proud owner of a Nexus 5 that’s seen a bit more wear and tear than it should then you should pay attention to this news. Allegedly Google has created a new policy that will allow you to replace your damaged Nexus 5 one time. Should you shatter your display or crack your phone Google will send you a free replacement no questions asked.

Both HTC and Motorola have similar policies in place, of course they’re not without their limitations. However it looks like Google is a little bit more liberal with who gets a replacement.

In order to start the process, all you have to do is give customer service a call. Go through the process and Google should have a replacement to you in no time.

source: Google+
via: Android and Me

  • AndrewJB

    I had mine replaced 4 times by Google UK, In the end they gave me a refund!