OnePlus compares the One to the Note 4 and will be giving one away in Facebook contest

OnePlus One vs Galaxy Note 4


To try and steal some thunder away from Samsung’s Note 4 announcement, OnePlus is running a contest to give away their current flagship device. To enter, all you have to do is share a photo comparing the specs of the two devices.

The comparison isn’t completely fair, as it fails to mention some important aspects about the Note 4 like the uber-high screen resolution. Even still, the OnePlus One is a great phone, and winning a 64 GB version for free isn’t bad at all. If you don’t think this will bug your friends too much, you may want to hit the link below just to enter the contest.

source: OnePlus Facebook

  • woooooooot

    They are wanting their fan boys to spam their friends again. As stated, not a valid comparison as they do not mention their yellow band screen feature, their multi touch fault, their ghost touch issues or the complaints about very poor cell reception. Before all this is over, they will have to give away all their phones.