Verizon’s VoLTE, HD voice era to start in the ‘coming weeks’


It looks like Verizon is ready to flip the switch on its VoLTE (voice over LTE) and HD voice services. According to Big Red, the initial rollout will take place in “the coming weeks.”

The good news is that it will be nationwide instead of only a few select areas like their competitors. However, it will be limited to select devices and customers will have to opt-in to use the service. VoLTE will work wherever this is LTE-data coverage.

Customers will also get a new video calling service along with VoLTE, which can be initiated during any VoLTE voice call.

Verizon is also launching its HD voice service, but again, will be limited to specific handsets. They decided to go with the 13kbps codec as opposed to something like 24kbps which T-Mobile uses. Verizon thinks anything higher would be an overkill.

source: TheVerge

  • Zeus

    Will this be using our precious data and boost our limits or will it be separate, such as back when there were talk/text limits, verizon calls/texts would be free?

  • Brandon Franklin

    So is this good or bad for Verizon customers?