Google Knowledge Vault will be presented next week as a massive information repository


Google is on the verge of introducing something big. The company will present the Knowledge Vault that Google Research’s Kevin Murphy describes as “the largest repository of automatically extracted structured knowledge on the planet.” The Knowledge Vault, though, has much more depth to answer a question that requires much more depth and detail. It will use machine learning to pull information from across the internet. By being able to reach out for new content, the Knowledge Vault has the ability to remain updated on its own.

It sounds similar to the existing Knowledge Graph that quickly pulls organized data to respond to direct requests. The Knowledge Graph is what backs Google Search and Google Now when asking a question. With the Knowledge Vault, there is an opportunity for Google to further its lead over Apple’s Siri assistant if implemented into the Android experience. Some see a pitfall in the Knowledge Vault’s privacy. It is believed that Google will require data from services like Gmail or Google+ to function properly and the Knowledge Vault would then contain information about everyone.

Source: CIKM
Via: Engadget


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