Sprint’s new Unlimited plan is a strong response to T-Mobile


Sprint has just launched a new plan for single line users to get a precious unlimited data package. $60 will get you unlimited talk, text, and data for a month, which is a full $20 cheaper a month than T-Mobile. AT&T and Verizon will give you 1 GB for $80/ mo, so they are hardly comparable to this new version of Sprint we’ve been seeing lately. In order to be eligible for this discount, however, you must have a device that’s compatible with the network, purchase one at full price prior to starting the plan, or use Sprint’s monthly payment and upgrade plan.

Whether or not these new moves will save Sprint from what looks like impending doom remains to be seen. Do you plan on making the switch for this deal? Do you already have Sprint? How satisfied are you? Let us know in the comment section below!

Source: Android Central

  • Jane Seymour

    competition is wonderful but not switching from t-mobile.

  • Vivin Viswanathan

    I switched to Sprint at one point. Biggest mistake of my life. Never leaving Verizon…except for maybe T-Mobile. :P

  • jc

    I have sprint not satisfied . Bad connection at work sometimes no connection can’t make a call sometimes. I mean what is worth that u have unlimited text data talk if your network really bad .loading and loading to get a Web page 2 make a call. Nobody wants this trouble and soon I will not have this trouble any longer!

  • kinster02

    I just left Sprint after 15 yrs to join Sprint…pre paid that is (Virgin Mobile)…lol.