Verizon considers opening another Android app store, this time with help


Despite shuttering its previous attempt at providing an app store for Android and Blackberry users, Verizon appears to be eyeing the possibility of opening a new one to challenge Google’s dominance for Android users. This time though, sources indicate Verizon is talking with other players and carriers in an effort to put together an “industry coalition.” With Android installed on over a billion devices around the world and the operating system continuing to grow in dominating the market, it should be no surprise that a company wants to get in on the action of selling apps to users.

It is difficult to assess how Verizon thinks they would be able to entice buyers away from the Google Play store. The report indicates they plan to include “specific features of wireless-carrier networks” that would aid developers trying to get apps out to market. They also indicate their platform would offer “consumers new ways of discovering the mobile software they might want.”

Although the Google Play store is probably the biggest source of apps for Android users, other options do exist. Notably, Amazon operates their own app store for their devices although it can be accessed by any Android user. Likewise, major smartphone manufacturers like to create their own app stores for owners of their devices.

Do you think Verizon could lead a successful effort to create an alternative to Google Play for Android app buyers?

source: The Information

About the Author: Jeff Causey

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  • Kbird

    And if you use their apps, purchased thru the Verizon App Store, any bits you use won’t count on your bandwidth cap. Sounds pretty compelling to me. (GRRRR)

  • Bruce

    It’s a tough ask for anyone to provide a compelling reason to switch to another app store. I use FDroid for apps like Adaway that Google removed from their store. I could see myself using an XDA app store. But that’s pretty much it. With Verizon I can think of several reasons to avoid using them – their legendary customer service would be one excellent reason!

  • Timothy Anderson

    Personally, I would boycott it. I got away from Verizon and never looked back. I never want to pay them another penny.

  • guest

    Yes, they could create an alternative because Google Play treats developers like crap!

  • Major_Pita

    Buy apps from carriers? Like I wank to put more money in my wireless company’s pocket. There’s a good reason why their past efforts failed. Nobody likes them. People tend to do business with companies they like.