Google ordered to remove Secret from Play Store by Brazilian judge


A Brazilian judge is demanding that Google remove the social networking app Secret from the Play Store and from all Brazilian phones that have the app installed.  This comes after multiple cases of bullying and harassment carried out through the popular app. While the ruling sounds a little extreme, Google has the power to remove the app from devices remotely, though they reserve such measures for malicious or harmful apps.

Such a ruling is unprecedented and it will be interesting to see how this plays out. Google have yet to comment on the fiasco, but will have to make a decision within ten days or the Brazilian government will begin fining them £30,000 each day (roughly $50,000). Discuss your thoughts on the ruling in the comments section below.

Via: 9to5 Google
Source: Estadao

  • fabiocosta0305

    The problem is…

    Brazilian Constitution don’t support anonymous posting. The freedom of speech is voided if you do it anonymously (you can do it under a pen name or alias, anyway). Secret goes straightforwardly against the Brazilian’s constitution, by allowing someone to post things anonymously. This is being done because people are using Secret to hate and slander speech against other without any kind of identification, which goes against Brazilian Constitution

    • Alex Cobb

      Yes, but doesn’t everyone deserve the right to speak freely whether hidden or not?
      Brazilian constitution aside, Is your right to speak freely truly voided if you choose to do so behind a mask?

      • fabiocosta0305


        I’m not a lawyer, but on the little I know about Brazilian constitution, to have the right for freedoms of speech, you need to identify yourself somewhat. You can cover your face and give an alias, and this is, AFAIK, enough. What you can’t do is to simply not give any identification at all. You can provide any kind of alias or so and it’s okay. But, assuming you post anonymously, if you are catch on into a crime, you can’t argue freedom of speech as a way to get out of the mess.

        AFAIK, in brazilian law you have the right to know who had accused you of anything. How could I know an anonymous? If there’s an alias, it’s a known name (as absurd this is), but an anonymous is a John Doe, so I can’t know this guy.

        • Alex Cobb

          But the right to free speech isn’t given to you by any governmental body. It’s an inherent human right. The right to know who is talking trash about you comes second to the right to talk trash.

  • MrChris

    The next version of Secret will be called Extortion