You can now add up to 10 lines to T-Mobile’s family plans


T-Mobile has updated their family plans to allow customers to add up to 10 lines to a single account. These plans are an improvement over the carrier’s recently introduced family plans, so they unfortunately carry some of the same restrictions.

With the new additions, the first line costs $50, the second line costs $30, and lines 3 – 6 cost $10 each. After line 6, each line costs $20 up until you’re capped at 10 lines. So, with these new plans, 6 lines would cost just $120 each month, but 7 lines would jump up to $140 and 10 lines would be $200. It’s still pretty competitive and would cost less than the same plan on other carriers, however.

With these plans, customers currently get 2.5 of LTE data, although there are no overages. Each line still has its own 2.5 GB of data, so no sharing, unfortunately. That cap drops to 1 GB per line after the end of 2015, same as before. T-Mobile also notes that this pricing is only valid until September 30th, so no word on if it’ll disappear or go up after that.

Are you planning on signing up for a T-Mobile family plan?

source: Fierce Wireless

  • gopadge

    Since we have four teens (one without a phone) and use a T-Mo pay as you go line for our home number, YES. I will be adding two lines very soon.