Ignore No More lets parents lock a child’s device if they refuse to respond to calls and texts


For many parents, it is a challenge to get in touch with a child by contacting their smartphone. In most cases, they ignore their parents’ calls and texts. This is not good for any parent as it leads to worrying. One parent had enough of this and decided to develop Ignore No More. It is an application that gives control to parents. Ignore No More gives parents the lock a child’s device until they get return the call or text. Parents with multiple children can use Ignore No More, but each device installation costs $1.99. If getting in touch is very important, then that price will not be a problem.

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  • Bret

    I’m over 50 and have two teenagers. I have no desire to do this to my kids. If someone doesn’t want to talk to me at the moment, then I should not be able to lock them out of their phone. I expect my kids to use their phone for school and friends, and if I have to wait for a response, then I’ll wait. I think if you treat your kids with respect, they will respect you.

  • Bruce

    I think I’ll get this just to mess with my kids ☺